Find out if you have E.S.P.

This test is based on the Zener Card experiment. We found this initial test to be somewhat flawed
when translated to the computer, and have thus changed the premise somewhat.

Where the adaptation of the Zener card experiment that we have linked to discriminates between artificial and natural (or mathematical) intelligence our test acknowledges the validity of both forms of reasoning.

The computer has chosen one of the images below. Using your powers of telepathy, try to guess which one the computer has chosen by clicking on it. There is one image which is reserved for correct answers. If this image is not used, the computer will replace your choice with one of nine other images. When you have guessed correctly three times out of five, all three images will be the same. It is possible for all three images to be the same without correctly guessing the computers choice. In this case, you will have guessed incorrectly 100% of the time. This is a sign that you are not telepathic. You will not be aware of your accuracy or inaccuracy. You will probably lose interest in the site. Continue randomly clicking on the images, until you are offered an escape route.

The computer will choose cards as they change. You must guess which is correct by clicking on it.