One human thought! What is hallucination? Shouldn't we always see in three dimensions? Photography without a camera.

: as it Relates to the Diagnosis and Treatment of SaLTFil and Related Illnessess


Norwood Funk


 normal light process

 You will notice in these digitally enhanced documents three distinct figures. For our purposes we will refer to them as the pink circle receptor (PCR), the green radiant (GR), and the yellow carrier ball (YCB). It must be reemphasized here that these elements do not exist in a "physical" form. They are not organs like the brain or the eye, they are simply constantly recurring light emissions, that take the forms you see here only under very specific test conditions. One could say that the light radiating from your monitor is at this moment is replicating the activity which occurs in the human skull.

The GRs and PCRs are located opposite one another at all light receptive locations in the human head. They line the areas between the flesh and the skull- receiving light through hair follicles, they sit just outside the back of the eyeballs and nostrils, and at times they begin to form at the back of the throat. The YCB is generated during an "explosion" of light that occurs when there is a union between the YCB and PCR . The YCB emerges from the GR during this "explosion", and begins it's journey to the PCR.

You may ask what purpose these balls of light serve. I have defined here a process by which light information is processed, but what are these bits of light? What is this "light information"? These balls of light are for lack of a better word "thoughts". We have proven with these digitally enhanced photos, the origin of thought. The GR processes light received from various areas around the head, and encloses it inside of the YCB. The green tint of the YCB (see figure 1) as well as some of the yellow light which trails back to the GR (see figure 2) suggests to our team that the GR never fully relinquishes it's contact with the YCB. During it's time in the YCB the light moves shifting and recombining until the carrier ball is of one consistent color. This process can be equated to the act of "figuring things out". At this point, the light organizes itself into a "thought". The YCB figures out what the important parts of the information are in preparation for it's merging with the PCR.

figure 1

figure 2
When the YCB merges with the PCR it will interface with two as yet unnamed red and purple focal points on the PCR (see figure 3). These points grow and begin to emit a white light as the YCB grows nearer. To the best of our knowledge the growth and glowing in the PCR occurs as a way to make it easier for the YCB to hit it's mark.

figure 3
It is at the time of the YCB's landing in the illuminated points of the PCR that the process of "thinking" begins. There is a two stage "explosion" that begins the processing of the light information. In stage 1 the PCR begins to glow as it receives the information being released by the YCB (see figure 4). In stage 2 light is let in again by the GR as the PCR packages the light information and sends it onward to the appropriate area of the brain to be absorbed, and turned into chemical information (see figure 5). During this stage of concentrated light filtering, the area surrounding the receptors darkens. All available light is focused on the GR and PCR. As you can see from it's coloration the now translucent purple YCB is but a shell awaiting the emissions of the GR so it can begin it's task of organizing light information. We can also surmise from this documentation that there can be only one YCB created at a time.

figure 4

figure 5
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