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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 14:32:18-0800



Subject: kirlian photography


Dr. Harmond,

Here is the kirlian photograph of Norwood's head that you requested. As you can see there is an overabundance of energy emanating from the cerebrum. Strangely there were no esogetic pathways emanating from the optic chiasma. There do not seem to be any specific concentrations around the thalamus either. It is possible that the energy emitted by the thalamus and hypothalamus was overwhelmed in this photograph by the intensity of esogetic light produced by the cerebrum. There was little or no sign that the subject was attempting thought transmission at the time this photo was taken, which would explain the absence of energy emissions around the optic system.

We are planning another session with different camera tuning. It is our intent to capture some of the energy from the more central parts of Norwood's brain. We are operating under the assumption that tuning the camera with more sensitivity to the yellow spectrum of healing energy will result in a more focused representation of the core activity of the thalamus and the optic chiasma. Once we have the photograph at this tuning, I suggest we devote some energy to the discussion of the implications of yellow energy emissions coming from the thalamus. As you know yellow tends to be the color released from the hands of healers.



see the original photographs as part of the Norwood Funk Museum