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In exploring the matter of subjectivity, we cannot ignore the absolute subjective existence of the forgetter. The forgetter seems to think he lives continuously. His surroundings cannot convince him that he has moved his location since the last time he was awake. Upon awakening he looks for his "things". As he finds residues of the night before he begins constructing narratives where these residues play the part of treasured objects from his childhood. Hearing the forgetter's stories it is hard to imagine that they are not true on some level, though objectively we know that the objects were found in the patient's room, not in some long abandoned, childhood residence. These stories, revealed in the forgetters waking state, somehow resemble in structure a Freudian dreamscape, though instead of wild imagination and escape we are faced with a stark reality that draws us closer to our own fears.

Many of the objects were photographed by LeE for public display using a 20"x24" Polaroid camera to increase their scale, and to emphasize the uniqueness that the forgetters stories lend to these discarded and somewhat common objects.


The Stories of the Forgetter