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ART { } SCIENCE began as a home for the Norwood Funk Laboratory of Dimensional and Light Sciences. As the ideas originating in the lab began to be realized more fully, and real world objects began to be created, it became clear that a further outgrowth of the conglomerate now known as Norwood Funk would have to be developed. With an eye toward providing a forum for individuals to see first hand what they have only witnessed through the flat and suspect medium of the computer monitor, the Norwood Funk Museum was born.

For lack of a better form of organization in this linkcentric world of the web we have chosen to present the laboratory as a relation of science, and the museum as a relation of art. All parties involved with the creation of wish to make it quite clear that they consider the divisions that are commonly believed to exist between the worlds of science and art to be artificial and perhaps even dangerous. It is our hope that the content of our work with "science" and "art" helps to reveal areas where these fields may universally overlap or even merge inextricably.