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Science seems to be where Norwood Funk first developed his interest in technology. The links between Science and technology are obvious. It takes a certain amount of scientific inquiry to forge technological advances. The presentation of The Norwood Funk Laboratories' scientific inquiry is where this web site found it's origins.

Throughout it's time on the world wide web, the NFL has endured scrutiny from those who feel privileged to identify areas where the lab's theories may seem inauthentic, ill-informed, or perhaps even faked. These criticisms while frequently based in sound reason, miss the point that was hoped to be gained by the artist in presenting these ideas on the internet.

What interested the artist in constructing this site were issues concerning the intersection of science and psychology. What do Norwood's scientific theories tell us about Norwood? Does the fact that a young and abandoned Norwood was found dehydrated and sunburned in the desert somehow inform his theories about the dangerous effects of exposure to light? Similarly, do the scientific theories we are presented with from drug companies and technology companies find their origins with motives other than some supposed objective platform from which they observe the world below? What elements of scientific research are open to interpretation? These are the questions we seek to answer, and perhaps through answering these questions we can begin to answer the one most enduring and seemingly unanswerable question that has presented itself throughout this project.

Who is Norwood Funk?

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