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In the process of compiling the ideas, images, and objects that are used by this web site to flesh out the individual we identify here as Norwood Funk, it became clear that there were methods of presenting these concepts that could liberate them from the suspect medium that we know the world wide web to be. In an effort to present authentic elements of the Norwood Funk Laboratory to an ever suspicious public the first exhibit by the Norwood Funk Museum was constructed. Later Norwood's story was presented in the form of a slide lecture. Over a certain amount of objection from various of Norwood's personalities an exhibit of somewhat less scientifically grounded works was presented in the next exhibit.

Both of these exhibitions dealt to some degree with issues of authenticity. Viewers were challenged, with evidence before them to confront the battle that we all face at times in our life between what we believe to be true, what we see as true, and what we can verify through evidence. Additionally these works have tried to elicit discussions of how we verify our understanding of the world through evidence and what makes evidence useful, particularly in the process of understanding the psychology of a fractured identity.

At the present time the Norwood Funk Museum has had two exhibitions in spaces around SanFrancisco, CA. The most recent of these exhibits detailed the concerns of "the forgetter" while the museum's previous exhibit detailed the laboratory's work in the field of Kirlian photography.

"The Stories of the Forgetter", Ft. Mason, SanFrancisco, CA 1999


"Kirlian Photography",GenArt, SanFrancisco, CA 1998