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My House

When I am not at the lab I go to Azantalya. It is where I live. There are no doors to the outside so no-one can get in. I have alot of pets that live with me here. I have lions that will bite everyone but me. Or if I tell them, then they won’t bite you. I also have giant sea horses. I like to go in the water with them to ride around. I have a friend who lives with me. Her name is Jasmine the girl dragon. She has a stoop that she sits on at night outside of Azantalya. She can see when bad people are coming. She never goes to sleep. She is a ferocious beast when my enemies attack. There is one hole in the ceiling of her room so she can get to the stoop but anyone that comes in has to fight her. She is invincible, but if someone sneaked in while she was on the stoop there is a room of alligators right next to her room. The alligators are my friends too. Sometimes I swim with them, and feed them big pieces of meat, so they will be ready if a bad person comes. They never bite me, they are my friends. All of the animals in Azantalya are my friends. They like to take care of me.

I get to be the king of Azantalya. I have plenty of weapons for the armies and a throne room where I sit and eat my dinner and make my proclamations. Today I proclaimed “Everything is real.” Now it is a law and no-one can say that Azantalya does not exist. Sometimes I go to the pool on the roof. There is a big bulletproof glass dome over the pool so I can see out. Sometimes Jasmine will fly over the pool while I am swimming. She is so big that sometimes she covers the sun and makes the pool dark. Sometimes if I take a nap, she will block the sun with her wings. Then I don’t get sunburned. When I look out the window on the roof, I like to visit the village around my house. I sing the songs of the different places and then I can be there. But I stay safe in my pool. If you learn the songs you can go there too. I have gone very away just from singing. Some days I like to see the doctor so I sing the hospital song. Then I can go there, and I talk to her. The hospital song is the hardest. It is not very pretty, and it’s hard to remember all the sounds, but it is nice when I get finished singing and the doctor is there.

The doctor tries to tell me that I’m not in Azantalya all the time. She is wrong. Franklin says she has no imagination. Franklin is right. She won’t even try to sing the songs with me when I go sailing in the South Pacific. She wants me to sing the songs from the desert. I don’t like those ugly songs. Those are silly songs that only babies sing. There is nothing in the desert but sand and cactus and scorpions. Sometimes there are nice animals, but there aren’t enough good animals in the desert. When there are good animals they get lonely. Then they die because they are too sad.

I think one day I would like everyone to hear the Australia song. It is the most beautiful song. It was made up by the Aborigines. Dr. Harmond told me about them. He taught me the song. Then I can go there whenever. I like to go there to talk to all of the aborigines chiefs, and they tell me about how to make my own songs. Then I can go different places. Soon I want to go to Tokyo. Everyone will want to go to Australia when they hear the song. They are lucky. Their song is pretty.