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Michael is one of the oldest and most established of Norwood's alters. He was well established before Norwood's therapy with me ever began. He continues to surface in our therapy sessions, however.

It is my theory that he resurfaces during periods when Norwood's predominant alter is trying to avoid therapy. You will find in many of my journals what I feel is perhaps a dismissive tone when I talk about Michael. In the context of therapy for individual alters, the appearance of Michael almost always signals a regression, or at least a stalling of the apparatus of therapy.

There are times, in therapy, when Michael provides little more than a distraction from the issues at hand. Records indicate that, in all likelihood Michael's appearance was exclusive to therapy. I feel as though I have developed an ability to determine when Michael has something to share, as opposed to times when Michael is playing the role of the distracter.

The items that follow in this section should provide an insight into the very important part of Michael that provides a glimpse into the inner workings of Norwood Funk.