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During morning social time patient began lecturing other patients re: science theories. When reminded of delusion nature of theories patient became atypically despondent. It is my hope that his depression is caused by an anxiety re: the eminent deterioration of his delusion space.

No therapy in afternoon.


Today presented an opportunity for breakthrough. Pushed patient on issue of origins with no response. Long discussion re: origins. Confirmed understanding of birth and development processes. Patient claimed unique origins, but could not provide detail, became despondent when asked who his father was. Session ended with no additional developments.


Patient presented a very detailed drawing in therapy today of a man he claimed was his father. When asked who the drawing was done by, patient said himself. Norwood and others in the lab clearly are not capable of doing such drawings. Patient was evasive when asked to identify himself. I believe another personality has emerged.


Michael arrived in therapy today, and started talking about “the historian” and his friend “the forgetter.”. Apparently, “the historian” did the drawing of the father that was presented to me yesterday, and the “forgetter” is constructing a history of the father for my consideration. Michael claimed “the forgetter” and “the historian” both believe the forgetter’s stories, but other alters know the stories to be fake. I'm wondering what “the forgetter’s stories are, and why there is such a determined effort being made by the alters to discredit them. After convincing Michael that I thought they were probably very funny stories, he agreed to tell “the forgetter” that I would like to meet with him. Michael would not tell the stories, because others would scold him for lying. Session ended with Michael doing drawings of his “house.”


Norwood (the alter) returned to therapy after months of absence to express concern about “the historian” and “the forgetter.”
I am becoming increasingly convinced that they are the key to Norwood’s past. I have forwarded the historian’s father picture to authorities in xxxxxxxxx. Norwood would not agree to let me meet “the forgetter".

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