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Found a response to my e-mail that was sent on Saturday from the forgetter. Forgetter states that he/she cannot present to me because Norwood can’t know about him/her. Says he is not strong enough to use the body. This is the first alter that has acknowledged a shared body. I expect therapy will continue by e-mail for a while.


Received e-mails sent from the day room today from three different alters. Norwood, Dr. Harmond, and the forgetter.
Norwood found my response to the forgetter, and claims the forgetter is an impostor, is not a part of the lab, and thus should not be trusted. Dr. Harmond was called upon by Norwood to inform me of the forgetter’s tendency toward hallucination that makes it hard to trust his recollections of events. Dr. Harmond’s remarks suggest that he acknowledges the forgetter as an alter, but doesn't want to acknowledge the truth of his stories. The forgetter became fearful of Norwood, and wanted to break off communication. The forgetter shows great concern for Norwood.


Norwood received my mail, and promptly became more animated. He stormed into my office demanding that I not acknowledge the lies of the forgetter. He was offended that I had suggested that we even discuss the possibility of the forgetter’s stories being true. His most startling announcement was “the forgetter is not real, he doesn’t even exist, we don’t have a father.” I am very uncertain about how to proceed, I intend to wait to see if others in the lab will offer some additional insights.


Franklin arrived for therapy today, and announced himself as an ally of the forgetter. Note: “Norwood is afraid to look at anything truly real. He can’t understand. The forgetter’s the only one who can see the whole thing.” Shortly after therapy e-mail from Norwood arrived accusing Franklin of being the forgetter. Says Franklin wrote those e-mails to discredit the lab.


Spoke to Franklin in the day room today, he was afraid. Note: “Norwood said I didn’t exist.” I told him he must exist, because I was talking to him. He showed a slight smile, and told me I didn’t understand. I’m beginning to worry about the conflicts that are developing in the lab. I am afraid of a developing destructive impulse as less comfortable, and more revealing personalities present themselves.


Received e-mail from the forgetter today. Saying he couldn’t talk anymore. I responded by asking him to continue communicating, surreptitiously.


Patient has been very quiet, but also attentive today. Would not speak at all in therapy, but would respond to very basic questions with shrugs and twisted facial expressions.


Patient still quiet. Passive guy in therapy today. All yes/no/maybe reactive dialogue. No real progress.

Same as yesterday.

No therapy.


Over the weekend a cardboard box was left in front of my office with a number of scraps in it. Seems to be the items mentioned in the e-mails from the forgetter. Nursing staff identified the box as coming from patient’s room.

No mention of the box from patient or me in therapy.


Still no mention of box. I am concerned that bringing it up in therapy may cause a descent back into despondency. Waiting for patient to bring it up.


Michael has reemerged. There has been no mention of the forgetter or the historian. Michael only seems to want to play and draw. Some of the drawings may offer some clues, though Michael’s descriptions of his own drawings always throw me off.

More crayon drawings with Michael. Michael says he’s happy that I will play with him, because the grown-ups at the lab are too busy to play. He says he doesn’t know why they are so busy.


Michael in therapy again. Expressed anxiety at my leaving for the weekend. Seems to be anxiety based on fear of being alone rather than fear of any future distress.

Found a picture at my door this morning, looks like a picture of the father holding a little girl, The style is very much like the style of the historian. Michael at therapy again. No mention of picture.

Michael in therapy. Claims ignorance of anything but the experience of the present.




E-mail from Leandra this morning “that was me with Daddy.”
Responded by inviting her to meet with me, asked if she was referring to the picture from Monday.

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