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Norwood Funk has no birth certificate. He was discovered, apparently abandoned, at a very early age. His age was estimated at 6 when he was found though he was unable to express much of anything, and by all accounts, he was completely unaware of his age and birthdate. His records indicate that he could not speak more than a few basic words of English when he was found. Within three years at least one of his alters was reading at the level of a senior in high school, and debating with his therapists about his theories regarding light and sound.

Norwood's parents have never been located and any estimates of his age are approximate. Each of his alters professes a different age and I have been unable to identify with any certainty a host personality. All of his personalities seem to receive equal time and attention. The world of Norwood and his alters seems entirely self contained. Norwood sees himself as unique in the human kingdom that he has encountered. He feels that people outside of his internal world are merely there for his amusement.

Therapeutic biases against a diagnoses of MPD / DID resulted in a series of misdiagnoses including labeling him a feral child, autistic, schizophrenic, manic depressive, and borderline personality disorder. It was only in the last 2 years that Norwood began talking to me about the "team" that he has been working with on his research. None of the members of this "team" can be called upon to show themselves, it is simply a matter of finding each personality when it decides to take control of the body. A few of the alters have somewhat regular schedules. These alters are primary members of Norwood's research team. It seems that they come out only in order to gather information for their projects.

It is natural for various personalities in a multiple system to resist integration, but despite our best efforts, Norwood and his alters will not even acknowledge a disorder. As with most patients there is little understanding on the part of his alters that they are sharing the same body. He has spent so much time in various mental hospitals-isolated from the rest of the world, he has managed to live according to a different clock from the rest of us. None of Norwood's alters has ever admitted to "losing time". They are all able to continue their work in parts of his brain where there is no need to acknowledge a physical body. In fact I have noticed that during times of particular therapeutic stress Norwood will have a tendency to sleep for days at a time, with none of his alters taking control of the body. When he wakes, he invariably has a fully hatched new theory to present.

The alters that I have been able to identify are predominantly adult males, and one child. The child, Michael, mentions another personality that none of the adult alters will acknowledge exists - Chuck. I am not sure if Chuck is an alter or if he was an abuser that remains in Michael's memory as a present specter. Michael will not talk about Chuck beyond expressions of fear and abuse. One of my theories is that Chuck might be a highly sublimated and angry alter, though he still has not presented himself in therapy.

The following are Norwood's alters as I know them:

Norwood Dr.Harmond Michael Franklin Chuck