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I have already mentioned Michael. He is a child of about 7 or 8 (he will not divulge his age). He is very scared, and has been taken under the wing of another alter - Dr. Harmond, who has given Michael a cursory understanding of Aborigine culture. Michael has used this knowledge to create an elaborate fantasy around the concept of dream time. He claims his only true existence is when he is asleep, and he frequently talks about the highly secure "house" that he lives in. The house has many luxuries, but no doors. He is the only person that knows how to enter the house. He has finally trusted me enough to draw a map of the house, though I suspect there has been allot that he has left out. I also suspect that the discovery of other areas that may exist in the house will be the key to discovering some of the less obvious influences on Norwood's early development.

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